At some point at the end of 1994, Rolling Stone slapped another picture of Kurt Cobain on their cover.  I, of course, ever the loyal fan and “poseur”, bought it.  After all, it was only a few months before he died that my two favorite bands were The Monkees and New Order, in that order.

I’d like to say I succumbed to peer pressure, but I had no friends.  I just decided that the only way to make new friends was by branching out and away from my dad and sister’s record collection.  The obvious starting point was Nirvana.

Then he died, and I was left to my own devices.  Enter the End of Year issue of Rolling Stone.  While flipping through the pages and dog-earring persons of interest, I stumbled on a picture of Jarvis Cocker.  To my young and naive eyes, he was the spittin’ image of Kurt Cobain circa the “In Bloom” video. 

This would be one of two very distinct memories I have of image not matching my perception of what the music would be like.  I listened to “It” and “His N’ Hers” - the two CDs I found on sale - with the utmost confusion.  Number one, they sounded nothing like each other and even more nothing like Nirvana. 

A few months later, through multiple listens that were more struggles to understand it than enjoyment, Pulp grew on me.  And it’s the feeling that grows and grows and grows…

This will be my second time seeing them play.  The first time was at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1998.  Front rowish.  Jarvis spit on us while singing “Sorted..”  It was the highlight of my year.

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