I think about Bruce Springsteen a lot.  He’s like my Kevin Bacon of free-association.  Everything I could think to imagine is six degrees or less related to the Boss.

Last week was brimming with Bruce; from seeing Pulp, to attending the The Greatest 3-Minute Punk Stories Ever event where the crowd was asked if Springsteen was considered “punk” yet.  The answer was a definitive yes and no.

I also posted the first song I ever recorded for this project, which was written during an intense Bruce kick.  I have the kind of memory that can’t recite to you what I ate for breakfast on February 27th, 2007, but I can remember what we talked about in the bathroom of Happy Endings in April or May of the same year.  Blurrily specific.  So anyhow, this particular summer I spent most of my days sewing holes in skirts, and listening to a heavy rotation of Mazzy Star, ABBA, Wierd compilations, and Springsteen.  If someone could strike a balance of those three bands, they’d be my new heroes.

But I digress…. as I was digging through all my works trying to find the demo for “Lovely Day”, I had a Nebraska moment.  I really could have just released this demo and have been happy with my output.  But alas, I’ll just throw it up on soundcloud. 


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L I V E     P H O T O S